Why choose other customers MeiCord opal?



Article of Hi-Fi Choice June 2012 


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"... is the finest of its type..."

Article of STEREO 4/2010, Section Test "Unshielded and intersection-free".


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"Excellent, natural and homogeneous sound"


"More chest at male voices"


"Considerably more naturally and homogenous, well balancd and steroscopic than the reference-model from Monster"


Article "HIFICRITIC" issue Vol6/No3 JULY - SEPT 2012



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Article "QUALTY HIFI" issue October 2012 from Marc van Berlo



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"...the improvement was immediately clearly audible..."

"...the music more naturally..."

"...in an orchestra the different instruments can be distinguished better..."

"...bass range sounds tenser..."


Article of Hörerlebnis Issue 80



...In this context I'd like to briefly broach the subject of LAN-cables. Before the IT-technicians among you now faint: slow down!

If you know my articles in "Hörerlebnis", you will surely agree that I am no cable fetishist. But the positive experience that I made with a certain cable in a completely different context (top-quality Japanese SACD-drive modifier combination), made me repeat this attempt in this original application.

... And behold: Once more I detected a touch more background silence than with standard cables. Therefore, and because this producer is miles away from being one of the meanwhile common cable cutthroats, I want to make a recommendation: MeiCord opal, ready-made manually in Germany. Even the 5 meters model costs less than 100 euros. ...

Matthias Jösch (Author)

Dear Mr Müller,

thank you very much for the friendly advice over the phone recently.One could nearly get the impression that you refrain from making promises about possible sound improvements by exchanging the existing cables. I can only call this a huge understatement! 

After our conversation I exchanged the long and rather “plug-contaminated“ distance from the Fritz!Box (internet router) to the switchbox by just one 15m „opal“ so that now all cables in this network starting from the Fritz!Box are from MeiCord. 

The difference in sound is not just subtle or psychoacoustacilly justified, but rather nearly dramatic. However, all the components of my reproduction equipment are of (imho) highest quality: Apple Mac Book with Quobuz streaming, Devialet 120. Stereofone Dura with Vovox Textura cable. Before it was very good, now it is overwhelming. 

You can best explain it by saying the transparency, dynamic and physicalness of the reproduction has increased. You can listen louder without strain, it is less aggressive and more comfortable to listen.Obviously: bad recording – bad sound, good recording – perfect sound. 

In contrast to other questionable tweaks you can only call the MeiCord cables “Best Buy“, they are not a bargain full of compromises but a real “game changer“. 

If I were What Hifi, I would give 7 stars. 

You see, I am exalted. Thank you very much for the great products and best business for you in 2016. 

Siegfried H., Melle 





I am totally flabbergasted, the sound has improved immediately. And all with a digital network cable. Unbelievable! 


Anonymous, Schönwalde 


Hello everybody, the ethernet cable delivered by you is a real hit. To be honest, I did not expect that. I developed the well-known Le Audiophil. A modified Air Port Express which enjoys constant popularity among audiophiles.   It plays with the cable in a way that you nearly lose faith. I have rarely experienced so much more music for so little money. 

Greetings and ongoing success to you 


Harmut Alt 


Yes, I agree I have to try out all the variations, including directionality of the Meicord.  

At this stage, I find the Meicord from wall with clear plug out to router (black plug in) sounds better.  It seems like the router is more noisy than the LAN line coming out of the wall.  I have also used noise-absorbing materials (ERS sheets) to wrap all cables and wires in my telecommunications box and electric fuse box in my home. 

Meicord is very clear and clean.  It's like there is no fat.  But it is still a little tight sounding at this moment -- I am sure the ease, richness and the blooming will come some more with added time and break-in. 

The Meicord still remains the best ethernet cable going into my PC.  I really like the house sound of the Meicord --  so clean yet rich, crisp yet relaxed, and just an unparalleled purity to the sound.  I long for you to make a HDMI or even USB cable! 

Thanks again, 


K. Kwang-ho, Seoul, South-Korea 

The cables are absolutely first class. Again a large sound increase. 

Bernd K., Dortmund 


Reproduction of music on the highest level is very important to me. The MeiCord LAN-cable provides the best sound in my streaming surrounding.

"Very recommandable!”

C. Moerler, Frankfurt on the Main



…”The first impressions with my network player (Naim ND5XS) are very good. A noticeable, unexpected, improvement in sound quality.”…


F. Dal Bello, Treviso, Italy


The network cable came yesterday. Befor, I used AMP UTP CAT5 – and MeiCord is better. Mostly dynamics, sound is free, voices and instruments are more natural. Bass is like capacitors Mundorf AG M-Lytic – descend lower and free. 

The separation of instruments is better.

Thank you.

Evgeni, Sofia, Bulgaria 


Accurate as network player, which certainly supports the effect. In general, for my liking the publications about network design too often conceal that wireless listening to music via WLAN is very prone to interruptions of the transmission path. Therefore, audiophile community, take the great cables from MeiCord!

Sincere greetings from a Lower Saxonian in Bavaria to his old home!

Dr. H. Kuhr, Regensburg

I am more than satisfied with the Meicord "Opal".
After some tests with cables from other producers and due to the test in Stereo 04/10, I settled for this cable and was not disappointed.
For me it presents the music just the way I like it.
Everything fits together, auditory spaciousness, rendition of voices etc.
As far as LAN-cables are concerned, I have arrived.
I cannot say whether this cable is THE RIGHT ONE for everybody, as listening to music is fortunately a very subjective pleasure.
The MeiCord Opal was used to connect the following components:

NAS - Switch - Streamer Akurate DSF.
Stenzel, Magdeburg

"While I do not understand the measured data the difference in sound and music quality is dramatic and completely convincing. You can quote me for it in your customer opinions. I was skeptical, but the difference is highly dramatic. I used the two 1 m cables to connect a QNAP NAS with Linksys E 4200 router and the 12,5 m cable connects the router with a digital media server. I`m really enthusiastic and pleased to have acquired the cables."

(M. Achtman, Cork, Ireland)

…”First of all: thank you very much for the shipment of the second cable via DHL, it actually arrived before Easter and gave me many pleasurable hours over Easter. Before I had read about your cables in the forum “aktives hören?”, my cabling consisted only of shielded CAT 5 cables (Net – Router – Ripnas / Router – Linn) Then a Giso DS isolater was added between the router and the Linn, which already effected something.Now I applied your cables (1 m cable between router and Ripnas and the 0,5 m cable behind the Giso to the Linn). To make a long story short: cables do have a sound! I can only say the I have never heard music in such a relaxed way as after the application of your cables, and I am happy that my equipment is able to bring out these details. Thank you again and from my side I absolutely recommend purchasing your cables.

A. P.,  Owschlag...“


I run the cable to connect a SACD drive with a separate DA-Converter.
Compared to the cable provided by the manufacturer the „opal“ is more acute and the spatial representation seems tob e more realistic.
From my point of view this becomes clear in the middle and high frequencies. Altogether quite an audible improvement  in the sense of a natural, live-like playback.
With a second digital output of the drive I have connected the converter via an RCA cable (Chinch).
This is a very high quality hifi cable. Here the superiority of the hifi cable becomes apparent, particularly with regard to tone.
So if I do not hear SACDs but CDs, I always switch to the output via hifi cable.
To be fair one must say however, that both cables are not comparable in price and that the „opal“ does a first class job for its price.
(F. Harbeck, Hamburg)

…the cables sound wonderfully stereophonic, tight and appear very „fast“…
(J. Geib, Puchheim)

...very pleased with the cable. The music system jumps up one class...

J. Akkermans, Geulle, NL

I got me a 2m MeiCord-cable to test it as a possible problem-solver for the network connection to my software-tuned Squeezebox Touch, which is additionally connected to a very high-quality Mytek 8x192 Studio DA-converter.


The reason for assuming that it could improve the sound of the already superb streaming player was a conclusive reference in the developer’ blog, who like me is engaged in all possible and impossible aspects of sound deterioration.


In the case of the Squeezebox the carefully with high-quality plugs assembled cord was supposed to keep off possible high-frequency disturbances from the Squeezebox and so provide an even better sound.


Therefore I blindly ordered the cord and directly tried it out when it arrived after a very short waiting period.


For comparison I chose a random piece of music and played it in the existing configuration. After exchanging the cord I did the same with the MeiCord. The result was nearly terrifyingly better – and not only in the range of psychoacoustic expectation listening, but considerably beyond it.


The mid-range was considerably more musical and the spaciousness of the recording increased rapidly.


I therefore consider testing the cord in my homestudio setup and  - in case of success - also using it. But as more than enough HF is produced within the used computer, the difference could possibly be considerably smaller.


I’ll deliver the results after having carried out the test …


Thumbs up for a technically comprehensible hi-fi-tip in an acceptable range with regard to price :)


(Michael Rinus, Düsseldorf)

"you absolutely have to try it ..."

Now that the new streamers have managed to outrun the CD-players in terms of high-end, it becomes apparent that in the new digital world old high-end knowledge still applies
.I was able to reach the best results with the Linn KLIMAX and the MeiCord-cables. Musicality, range, stage profundity and particularly the silky sound were astonishing. (I had always thought that network cables all sound identically as only zeroes and ones are transferred ...).
I was even more amazed now that I use the Devialet. Devialet applies the Wifi-concept, which avoids jitters and transfers data without interference. That works excellently.Nevertheless, one evening I got the idea to connect the MeiCord-cable to my MacBook, switch off Wifi and connect it with the router (so the Wifi connection between router and Devialet still persists).What happened then was unbelievable! A "fundamental more" of so-called "analog sound" was the result. The musicality rose dramatically. Voices were transmitted in an absolutely natural way without losing dynamics, range or plasticity.It is directly determinable and can be easily switched at the laptop. After turning on the device I can hear at once whether I enjoy the music Wifi or with MeiCord.I can recommend the MeiCord-cables without hesitation and advise every high-end user, who works with streaming, to at least try these cables once. You cannot lose anything -
but win a lot :-)

Greetings to Mr. Müller who encouraged me to try it!
O. Kegel, München

The MeiCord cables sound fantastic – especially considering the price. I compared them to several cables of other manufacturers, which sometimes were three times as expensive as the MeiCord cable: Only one of these cables came near the performance of the MeiCord cable.
The MeiCord cables offer a magnificent sound pattern, a special stereoscopic acoustical imaging and sound very natural. Regarding the sound quality, investing in these cables was a wise idea.

(Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

..."I tested your cable and it is really excellent. I have high end hi-fi in high value with many almost extreme cables, like Silent wire, power cables, interconnect and loudspeaker cables and also Valhalla cables from Nordost. I could not imagine that also LAN cables could so much influence the quality of the sound in such level. Congratulations." ...

D.Hrastnik, Slovenia